twenty something || story enthusiast || creativity curator || incurable optimist

i am fascinated by stories; i celebrate people. i think you matter and i want to help show you why. 
i always speak up, i am sometimes blunt, i am usually self-aware, and i rarely sit still.
i am extroverted through and through and i don't apologize for that. i am all heart. 

i love making music, designing, vision-casting, and making. my heart is most alive when i am creating something new.
i am learning to be brave with who i am in every situation.
i am pursuing the little that is in front of me instead of the much that is far in the future.
present over perfect.
i never want to be satisfied; i want to keep pursuing adventure.

 i firmly believe that God can take anything gross and make it good, because (s)he did it to me.

i live a chaotic, adventuresome, ridiculous life. i am blessed beyond belief.