the 90's were so good to me.

the 90's were so good to me.

i had a cute birthday post idea: to write out twenty-seven lessons i've learned in this very hard and unexpected year. i thought it would be witty and deep and soft to the touch, and it would be the perfect night cap to my birthday. you all would read it and be filled to the brim with insight and inspiration. 

but amidst the faithful friends who reached out and the sweet family that surrounded me and the reflection and creativity i've been swimming in all week, i couldn't really get past the first two lessons. i'm rarely short on words -- words are kind of my life --  but here i am, staring at computer screen, waiting for the cute witty things to start flowing from my fingertips...and i've still just got these two. they sum up so much of where i'm at, that i think i will leave them alone. so, i leave you with my two lessons, along with my word for the year: seed, coming from a favorite quote that is currently stuck in my heart (and soon to be tattooed on my shoulder, stay tuned.):

"they tried to bury me, they didn't know i was a seed." // mexican proverb


lessons from my twenty-seventh year.

  1. i am more fragile than i tell people i am -- at the end of most days, i just wish that they would remember i'm just a person with feelings and insecurities and tender places. 
  2. i was given this life because i am strong enough to live it -- even when i don't believe myself to be very strong at all.