i think i have officially ended the honeymoon phase of this job. my job is not black and white. it is not "do this, and then do that." i deal with people. and people change all the time. people are different. people are hard to deal with. people are stupid.

i'm learning a lot about myself, as well. i am sensitive and i take things personally. i am a perfectionist and i get joy out of presenting good work. when that work is criticized, it only takes moments before i have already soaked my face in tears and mentally located the tub of cookie dough ice cream so that i can devour it as soon as i get home.

i am blessed because my job is drowning me in daily "aha" moments. i constantly get to interact with the students i serve and i get to build relationships with them. as a dear friend reminds me, i am a "professional friend" at this point. it's been quite the adventure, but incredibly worthwhile.

i was particularly blessed this week by a coffee date with a new dear friend. she reminded me that my new life is painful and hard because i am learning. if it were easy, i wouldn't be learning a darn thing. i am so grateful to serve a God who knows His sheep. nothing surprises Him - neither wind nor waves, nor a new job in texas. He is not slapping His forehead wondering what to do with me now. He knew about this moment, planned for it. and because of how much i love Him and how much He loves me, i am ready for it too. it is an honor to serve Him here.

i will leave you with my initial findings under the category of "why texas is a different place than california or basically anywhere else":

- bbq restaurants are more often found in gas stations than anywhere else.

- drive thru carwashes are unheard of (and i would extend it to say that they are unspeakable.) no one appreciates raw, hard, hand-to-tool labor like the south.

-cops have nothing better to do than sit and watch me make a full & complete stop at every single stop sign.

- i am now a ma'am. no matter how much i try to fight it with kicking and screaming, it is inevitable down here.

- no spicy food. anywhere. hold me.

- humidity + thick hair = i will never be attractive ever again.

-chicken is always fried. everywhere. they are practically fried when they hatch.