Twenty-Something Truths For Twenty-Somethings  truth number [12] today from the blog series hosted by myself and my dear friend Kristin! please join the conversation as we continue to unpack our twenties, and the truths we have found thus far. what have you learned? <3 <3 <3


When things are going well in your life, God is good. And when things aren't going well in your life, God is still good.













I often hear from friends when they are going through a particularly 'flourishing' season. you know the kind i'm talking about -- when everything is just going awesome in life. i do love those seasons, and i do think they make any type of desert season a little bit more bearable. but the explanation of their particular season or situation is that "God is SO good to me..."

Now, I know the natural human reaction is always going to be to thank God in the good times and feel forsaken by Him in the bad. I'm often tempted to be the same way. But I have been learning something really crucial lately; when my life is going awesome and I am getting the things I've been asking for, and I am not struggling with something I used to, and everyone is being really nice to me, God is incredibly good. He is sovereign and all-knowing, He is kind and tender, merciful and gracious.

And when my life feels completely unfounded, and I am not getting the things I've asked for, and I have days of repeated letdowns, spilled coffee, and hot tears streaming down my face, God is STILL incredibly good. He is STILL sovereign and all-knowing, He is STILL kind and tender, merciful and gracious.

God's goodness never depends on your circumstance. He is good; it's His nature to be.

Take long, slow sips of the life you've been given, day by day. Trust that God is blessing you -- through deserts and storms, through winds and waves, through rich blessings out of luxurious excess. Nothing else deserves sovereign credit, in good times or bad.