30 days of texas  


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this one counts for two because i love it so much. (ok, actually because i forgot yesterday. sorry.) but i really do love thursday mornings for one simple reason: staff meetings! i've always been weird and love things like staff meetings and training and mandatory fun. i just think it's so great to gather together as a group and check in. i love the consistency of it, i love being updated on what's going on or what i need to do. i love the endless opportunities for quick jokes from my hilarious staff members. well and let's be real; from me too. they're usually fun, thursday morning staff meetings. strange as it may be to enjoy a meeting, it's just one of those things i love, that i know i'll miss a lot. i love the people i work with; i think they all have great ideas and bring a lot to the table. it's so life-giving to work alongside people who genuinely care about students like they do. they make me laugh and they are so helpful and insightful and they teach me so much. thursday mornings won't quite feel the same from now on. maybe i can skype in every once in awhile?