Twenty-Something Truths For Twenty-Somethings  truth number [16] today from the blog series hosted by myself and my dear friend Kristin! please join the conversation as we continue to unpack our twenties, and the truths we have found thus far. what have you learned? <3 <3 <3




Beating yourself up over your past choices will do absolutely nothing to help you today.


That job? That boyfriend? Those clothes?

Sometimes when we play the ‘highlight reel’ of our lives, we omit the good and only remember the bad. And we beat, beat, beat ourselves up over those things. This has to stop! You did the best that you could with what you had to work with at the time, and it got you to where you are today, right now, in this very moment. Do not criticize who you were; this is the nature of being an evolving person. You are different now, and sure! You’d probably make different choices today. But don’t dishonor your past by blaming it for today. Be proud of every part of your history – even the dumb stuff. Because the dumb stuff (even the repeated dumb stuff) makes your smart stuff that much more important.


And we learn to do better. Slowly, surely, we learn.