Twenty-Something Truths For Twenty-Somethings  truth number [20] today from the blog series hosted by myself and my dear friend Kristin! please join the conversation as we continue to unpack our twenties, and the truths we have found thus far. what have you learned? <3 <3 <3


Judge yourself based on your opportunities, not based on someone else’s opportunities.



If you’re like me, you spend the better part of the week wrapped in jealousy over her job or his house or their income. You take a disgusted look at your life and wish you had been given their opportunities because you would totally be living it up right now. But that isn’t the point at all.

No one else has been given the opportunities you have been given.

The point is to be faithful to the opportunities you have been given. Your job, your income, your situation, your city, your haircut. It is not what we say about our blessings, but it is what we do with them, that shows our true gratitude. So if you’re thankful in the bottom of your heart, show it. Stop creeping her Facebook out of envy, and start an assessment of your own circumstances. Are you being a good steward of the path you’ve been given?