30 days of texas  


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they definitely mean it when they say "everything is bigger in texas", because holyyyy cow is the state fair BIG. lots of walking, lots of food, lot's of people, and we always pick the stickiest, hottest day to go. BUT OH MAMAS IT'S AWESOME. the first year we went, i had no idea what to expect except maybe a ferris wheel and some cotton candy, or maybe a guy on stilts or some face painting. and then i ate a DEEP FRIED PB&J, and the world has looked completely different ever since. last year, we got to see Big Tex just days before "the incident" and i ate another PB&J. (still life changing.) i know there are fairs in other places, but this one has been so much fun to look forward to each year and i'll miss going. i really hope they will deliver a deep fried pb&j to me in california.

[pictured below: a super huge ferris wheel; deep fried pb&j, sprinkled with what i have to believe is crack cocaine; some lincolns.]

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