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Your mind is meant for more than sleeping and reality television.


I am going to be honest: this is really hard for me to write.

One of my favorite ways to relax is to put in a movie and fall asleep on my LoveSac in the middle of the afternoon. And as much as I make fun of reality television shows, I am currently knee-deep in my sixth consecutive season of The Bachelor/Bachelorette (and maybe I cried when Sean left. What was she THINKING.).

But here's the thing.

A recent study showed that for every hour of TV that you watch, you shave 22 minutes off your life. The average American spends 2.8 hours per day watching TV. That's a lot of minutes being shaved off my life. That's a lot of wasted brain space.

We get addicted to the latest and greatest being done by everyone on TV -- reality shows or otherwise. We are caught up in everyone else's story that I'm scared we're missing out on our own. I'm scared I'm missing out on my own story.

We are smart, capable creatures. We have been given the ability to think, speak, dance, share, and give. There is art to be created, books to be written, countries to explore. We have lived long enough to know that we can be and do and see more if we think hard and stick with it.

Success should not be measured by anything more than the difference you are making in your world as you find that which makes you come alive. Spending endless weekends wrapped up in what the Kardashians are doing is fabulous – if you are a Kardashian. Be interested in your own reality TV show – make it interesting.