to my little one.

i'm glad you're here; i miss you, too. i haven't gone anywhere. i haven't stopped singing over you. there is a lot of noise in your life, sweet child. i am here to help you turn down the volume, if you only just come and ask.

i long for your heart and your innocent whispers. i delight in your secrets and in the words of your soul, spelled out in vulnerability. your authenticity is what i desire to see; your genuine spirit makes me glad. no, my sweet girl; there is nothing you can do to lose my love. it is constant, it is real. i am the great I AM. though the seasons of your life vary and the emotions of your mind and heart waiver, i never change.

i have plans for this whole place, my dear. i want you to taste the waters of redemption, i want you to breathe in the winds of reclamation that i am covering everything with. there is hope. it is buried so very deep amidst all of this clutter and pain, but it is there and it is real. and i want you to come with me and experience it, my beloved.

you are beautiful, in every aspect of the word, in a deeper meaning than you can comprehend right now. i watch you paint over my masterpiece, and i see you streak your face with tears of doubt. my child, i have chosen you. over and over again. why do you try to make better what i have already made new? your worth is determined by the work at Calvary, and nothing else. i long for you to sit at my feet and pour out the depths of your heart from alabaster; i cast no stone at your sin. you are forgiven, a thousand times over. i don't even recollect what you are talking about.

i know you. i know the ups and downs of your life. but please do not fear; i'm not going anywhere. my grace extends far beyond your inconsistencies. i promise you that i love you. just as i created this whole world into existence, so did i create your soul. and oh, my is good.

do not listen to the lies that say you weren't worth the blood that was spilled for your soul. and never forget that even in your weakest moments -- especially in your weakest moments -- you are strong enough to stand in my love. i know you don't understand my love but that's okay; i will spend eternity showing it to you.