Tonight in my cages In the mazes I have built Amidst towers of numbers cold and grey I've blotted out all natural light With systematic will-power

Inside the isolation booth of the game show of my wits My heart submits to every tick-tock Of the Western digital corporate clock and I'm stuck between the gears and motor Of a DSL, high-speed, click here to place your order At the mercy of a wick getting shorter Held at knife-point by the opinions of others And walking on the shaky stones of approval I hold my breath…

I've been splintered to a thousand pieces And tied up with a thousand strings By tall societal obligations And my own desire to be everything

Charting out my days and trotting after merit Like a horse behind a carrot

I'm playing hopscotch on a tightrope I'm shooting hoops with diamond rings It makes it seem the stakes are higher But they don't mean anything

So I've been squinting, I've been searching For just something to call true But the spotlight I demanded Blocks my view

Hey, Remedy cause me to see Break me, re-make me, jog my memory Can I have You? As the truth to my eyes While the comings and goings rush by on either side? While all my castles decay at the sway of the tide

Hey, Remedy Be everything to me And I'll be all I can for Thee So what do You desire to see? What is it You require of me? To love mercy? do justly? And walk humbly?