i had a bitter song

i liked the way it tasted

on my tongue

it fit me

it knit me

then one day it finally hit me

i don't like bitter at all.


i had a simple tune

i liked the way it kept me

far from you

it healed me

it sealed me

then one day it finally killed me

i don't like simple at all


i had a raging melody

i liked the way it made me

finally see

it stirred me

it hurt me

and then it one day occurred to me

i don't like rage at all


someone somewhere

once told me

that it's always best to let it be

live the questions, and ask them now

and i don't know why, and i don't know how

but someday somewhere

something like you

happens to something like me


i have this giddy little love song

it feels so foreign on my tongue

it breaks me

it makes me

and now it truly saves me

i think i like giddy after all.