30 days of texas  


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there are so many reasons why i'll miss the square, i can't even begin. i went to the square my first weekend in town and fell in love immediately. having never lived in a small town before, i was so fascinated by the quaintness of it all. one-of-a-kind shops and wine bars where everyone seemed to know each other. i've been lucky to spend a lot of memorable moments at the square; when we have guests over, it's our go-to spot to hang out and eat beth marie's ice cream or grab a beer from abbey inn. i love the twinkly lights around the courthouse, and the big christmas tree they put up in the winter. in november there's a wassel festival where literally everyone in denton comes out for wassel samples and live music and tons of fun. i spent many hours at jupiter house as i processed this new place, and learned all about who i was becoming in it. the square is so perfect in its simplicity and i will miss being able to spend time there. most notably, however, is that last spring on a normal sunday afternoon, jared asked me to marry him -- and that's why the square is the most special place to me. i love walking under the same tree where i screamed and cried as he pulled out the shiny thing, and i'll miss being able to show friends that sweet spot. i love the square and all that it represents; i wish i could take it with us.

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