30 days of texas  


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no, not the fondue restaurant. we've been abundantly blessed to serve in a sweet community in dallas where thousands of refugees are living and working and making new lives for themselves. the melting pot is a wonderful program that seeks to equip and establish these people into life in america. it has been the stuff of dreams for jared to work in this ministry, and we've been able to have some pretty amazing experiences because of it. we've had dinner with a family from Nepal in their apartment -- where they served us before eating anything themselves. we've been to the birthday party of a Congolese man's son, and let me tell you: nobody parties like the Congolese party. it's been a joy to watch Jared impact the lives of so many people, and to serve alongside him as he directed this program. last night the melting pot threw a goodbye party for us, which was so touching. this community is special to us; we've learned so much about what life is like in other countries, and what life is like for them once transplanted to america. their stories give me courage and perspective in my own life, and i'm so grateful for the hospitality, strength, and joy they have shown us.

shameless plug: if you're in the Dallas area and are ever interested in volunteering with the best people on the planet, visit their website. it's worth it if you can carve out the time in your saturday!

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our "california cake" from the party last night.