30 days of texas  


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i've always loved the rain because i love hoodies and soup and any excuse to throw my hair up, but i've loved it especially more living here. i'm not sure if it's because of the humidity or something, but the rain here is awesome. i always think of that scene in forrest gump where he describes every kind of rain, and he calls it 'big old fat rain' -- that's exactly what it's like here! huge drops, large amounts, awesome sound. the thick air keeps the smell of rain around a little longer, which is of course everyone's favorite smell. and of course the cool breeze before a storm brings quite the sweet reprieve from the never-ending-hotness that is texas. the rain does come quite suddenly though, which i can appreciate when i'm not parked many blocks away (causing me to run home with a trash bag over me. the struggle is REAL.). i will miss hearing the rain outside my window while i sleep, and not even because it drowns out the...other sounds i hear while living in a freshman dorm. i'll miss the way the humidity fades, even if just for a moment, before the buckets of rain fall out of the sky. i'll miss the abundance of green landscape that comes with every downpour. i'll miss the opportunity to quote forrest gump.

[it's important to remind you all that while i do love the rain, i dread the extras that come with a rainstorm here -- tornado warnings, severe thunderstorms, hail damage, the UNBELIEVABLE swamp air the following day, the inevitable cockroaches that seek refuge in my dry apartment, etc. but, i digress. rain rain rain.]

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