30 days of texas  


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i had never had these sweet little breakfast treats before moving to texas -- in fact, i had never even heard of them! so in case you don't know what i'm talking about, a kolache is a Czech breakfast classic -- a fruit-filled puffed pastry that makes me want to punch myself it's so good. there are approximately ten million flavors, and i think i've tried them all. there's a cute little place in town, appropriately named Kolache Haven, that i've maybe been to a time or twelve. the smell when you walk in is pure deliciousness. i have no idea if this snack can be found outside of texas, but i surely hope so. just in case, i found a recipe for them in the Houston Chronicle that i can attempt. it looks incredibly too complicated for this amateur chef, but i think if i'm desperate enough i'll be able to make the magic happen. nomnomnom.

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