30 days of texas  


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watch out, my feminist flags are going up!! but this one has delightfully surprised me while living here! (even though i know it's rooted in patriarchy.) in los angeles, you're lucky if you don't get slapped in the face with a door, let alone it being held open for you. so it's been nice to experience some of that 'southern charm' i've heard so much about. chivalry is not yet dead, my friends; it is alive and well in the state of texas. perfectly decent strangers will stop in their tracks to make sure they hold the door open for me. people even go to really awkward limits to open doors for me, and it kind of cracks me up (while still completely flatters me.) kind of like the "yes ma'am" thing; at first i was all "i can do that myself, thank you very much" about it, but now i'm kind of enjoying it. even though i can still do it myself. :)