this month i was blessed to write for SingleRoots. please wander around the rest of their site! i love their message and they provide a space for some incredibly awesome writings. <3 ~~~

When God asked me to move across the country to a state I had always openly mocked and called “boring” I let out a big belly laugh and went back to sleep.

Okay, Lord. I’ll do the interview. But just to gain experience. I am NOT moving.

I have a fantastic memory. It’s embarrassing how I literally can recount to you the details of moments that happened years ago. But I cannot, for the life of me, remember applying to that job.

But I guess I did. Then I got a phone call with a job offer. And within two weeks of that phone call, I packed up my entire life and shoved it into my Nissan with a small space carved out for my body, and drove 1,000 miles to the next page-turn of my life. It was the biggest leap of faith I have taken and I was unbelievably scared.

I used to think you had to wait for adventure. Like you had to be old enough or tall enough or smart enough, and then it would come. For years I had been, essentially, waiting. Waiting for my turn and waiting for life to happen. But my biggest downfall has not been the fact that I’ve been waiting. My biggest downfall has been what I have filled my days with while I wait: errands.

I love errands. I’m a type-A, everything-needs-a-plan, Post-it-note kind of woman. The satisfaction of crossing things off my list gives me a rush that rivals a sugar overload. I crave it. I often accompany my friends on their errands, just to get the euphoric experience vicariously.

I spent much of my post-grad life doing errands. I filled my days with tasks, accomplished those tasks, and then ignoring the voice in the still of the night that asked, “Does this honestly satisfy you?” I got a lot done in those days, me and my productivity. Errands helped me make sense of my purpose-less job and my empty social calendar. Errands have tangible outcomes and due dates. Errands are predictable and boring.

But I think that we were designed to do so much more than run errands.


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