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i love finding treasures, both in real life and online. so here's a little list of some of my favorite things that are new-ish to me! check them out and enjoy life a little more today. <3

1. Earthwise Gardens. it is no secret that i've always loved local produce. the particular area that i moved to when i transplanted my life to Texas doesn't exactly have many options for this, though. but a couple months ago, a man and his sister opened up the cutest little local produce store and i lurve it. they are still growing their small business, but i plan to support them in every way that i can! and eat all their delicious food. nomnomnom.

2. We Heart Glamour i absolutely LOVE when passion meets talent, and the lovely Christin has done it again! i've already stalked her from afar for quite some time, as she and her husband are a wonderfully talented photogaphy team. but now she's taken her love for photography and added it to her passion for helping women feel truly beautiful -- and she's bringing glamour shots back! how cool is that? i'm obsessed, naturally.

3. The Culturist this fascinating online magazine is now among my daily email subscriptions, and i'm so glad i decided to do it! they highlight different philanthropists, languages, countries, meals...you name it! every day i learn a little bit more about the big big world around me and it feeds my travel cravings. okay, i admit; i'd much rather hop on a plane every morning. but until the opportunity arises, this website helps soothe my curious soul in the best way.

4. Brewed Ft Worth. okay so someone decided to take beer, wine, coffee, tea, community, conversations, and anthropologie/vintage decor, and put it all together. GENIUS. i have tasted heaven, and it is this lovely place. located in one of the coolest parts of north texas, Brewed is owned by some of the coolest people, and kept alive by YOU. if you ever find yourself on Magnolia St in Ft Worth, please do yourself a favor and check this place out!

5. Spiral Diner. get this: same little area, same Magnolia St in Ft Worth, same kind of awesome. my husband and i recently went vegetarian, and realized that Dallas, TX may be the hardest place to ever do that. so i yelp-ed away and found a hot spot in Ft Worth called the Spiral Diner. as soon as we walked in, i forgot i was in Texas. everyone working is wearing whatever they want to -- sleeve tattoos and slouch beanies seemed pretty popular. they were all ridiculously nice, and the place smelled amazing. we were given a 10 minute wait, so we perused their 'shop' where they sell everything from t-shirts to kale chips to vegan sausage (huh?). the food was incredible -- i had a portobello & veggie quesadilla that was delightful. we also opted for the chips + queso -- which was made from cashews! CASHEWS, PEOPLE. i can't wait to go back!

6. Smart Girls At The Party. i already loved Amy Poehler for far too many reasons, and then i discovered just one more. they describe themselves best, and it's an even better idea to simply check them out. in their words, "smart girls at the party is a rapidly expanding online network that aims to help the process of cultivating the authentic selves of young women and the young at heart. smart girls recognizes that young women - and their interests - are multi-faceted. we change the world by being ourself, and being ourselves is a life long quest." they answer readers' questions, they provide amazing resources for young women, and most importantly they advocate for women to be themselves. LOVE.