1.   Three things I am neurotic, enthusiastic, and scintillating.
2.  My guilty pleasure is grey's anatomy. and diet coke.
3.  I feel prettiest when my boyfriend tells me so. and when i'm having a good hair day ;)
4.  Something that keeps me awake at night is dirty dishes in my sink. and the scary room.
5.  My favorite meal in the entire world is fish tacos.
6.  The way to my heart is to play with my hair and pepper me with sweet nothings.
7. I would like to write a book.
8. My embarrassing celebrity crush is hugh laurie. so, to recap: hugh laurie
9. Three things I am not soft-spoken, athletic, tall.
10. The biggest turn on is intellect and laughter.
11. The biggest turn off is arrogance and passive aggression.
12. I am currently reading into everything.
13. It would be really bad if someone could look through my iTunes library without my supervision.
14. I make the most sense when I am talking to myself in my car.
15. I feel most alive when i am singing or praying or driving with the windows down.
16. I avoid bank statements.
17. My super power is making anything awkward.
18. A phrase I use too much is "i mean, hi. let's be real."
19. In another life, I would have been a dancer. or an english teacher.
20. I need coffee. every.single.day.
21. I would never admit this, but i love celebrity gossip.
21. The best advice I've ever gotten was to chronicle important events of my life...to journal endlessly.
22. The best advice I've ever given was to say everything, live every question, and embrace every answer.
23. I love shopping for nothing. absolutely nothing. i always have, and always will, hate shopping.
24. My role model is my dad.
25. My favorite kind of weather is bird chirping weather.