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i know a girl who is a good sister, a good woman, and a good friend.

this friend is a champion of brave; traveling across the country for love. she believes in the good, trust in her Creator, and never forgets to stop and smell the roses.

she does life like i hope my kids do; with gusto, enthusiasm, and a truckload of trust in Jesus to pull her through anything and everything.

she confidently approaches each day, relishing the fact that her daily bread is already provided.

this friend reminds me that the tomb is empty, victory is ours, and Love wins. she reminds me to live like those things are true.

this post is for you, my dear friend, because you make me proud.

this post is for you, because you teach me about grace, forgiveness, laughter and spontaneity.

this post is for you, because this week you are embarking on a journey that most women would be far too scared to ever  take.

you are risking so much, taking a leap of faith, and jumping into the arms of Jesus who says you can trust Him.

you are giving all you've got to something that's worth it.

you, my dear sister, are exactly the way you're supposed to be. He has crafted you beautifully, inside and out, and He is using that beauty to shape the lives of so many people.

your story is a powerful testimony to the fulfilling act of trusting; and it is a story that cannot be told without the grace of God. your story makes much of Jesus. with each step you take in this journey, you pluck at a string within my heart that reminds me of the song God sings to us about being brave, courageous, and firm in our faith.

it encourages me deeply to watch you take each step, not knowing exactly how it's going to turn out. that's the beauty of trusting God: you never know how it's all going to tie together, but you always know Who's doing the tying.

we are women who like to connect the dots. we like to know how things work.

but sometimes in life, you cannot connect the dots until you are looking back.

it's like the sewing of a tapestry: if you look underneath, it's all of those messy strings going back and forth, zig zagged and tripping over themselves. it looks like there are a thousand mistakes, like there is no possible way that this could ever make sense, that it could ever turn into something beautiful.

and then, after some time, you turn it over. and it is a beautiful picture and you breathe in so suddenly that all you can do is exhale just as quickly and say, "no better timing."

my hope, my prayer, my heart's desire is that one day you will look back and see the beautiful tapestry God has woven of your life, specifically of this season. that you will be caught off guard as you reflect, and all you can do is exhale, thanking God for His perfect timing.

my prayer is that as you tell your story, you would turn others to the Story of Jesus. that as you encounter new friends and a new community, they would meet you and feel that they are reminded of Jesus, that they would nearly recognize you because of your resemblance to Jesus. that when they spend time with you, they feel closer to Jesus because He is so intertwined with your words and laughter and actions.

you are a brilliant beacon of faith, hope, and love. you represent a woman who is unafraid, a proverbs 31 woman who can "laugh at the days to come," and you are a pioneer for all of us as we question what we would be willing to risk for love.

you, my dear sister, are an inspiration. thank you for being brave with me, for these are the days.