30 days of texas  


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this is funny because i actually hated this when i first moved here. people would call me "ma'am" and i'd look around for my grandma or something, thinking I AM NOT FIFTY YEARS OLD YET. but it quickly grew on me, and i adore the respect that's taught in the south. i've even started using it myself, and i don't hate it! i think that everyone deserves for someone to be nice to them throughout the day, and i love the simple niceness that this phrase carries. it's also precious to see sweet children use it when they talk to their parents -- it's just a wonderful reminder that they're being taught, still learning, not yet old enough to know it all. of all the weird things texans say, this is one that i will miss hearing. and i'll probably get made fun of for slipping up and saying it a time or two in california. :)