we picked up our huge moving truck and i had a minor heart attack. we were on the road with high spirits and plenty of cheez-its, as you can see.


jared was in full #beastmode as we journeyed north to CO. gordon did fine, kind of.

i almost got a decent picture of the colorado sign! i never claimed to be a photog, people.


to my delightful surprise, my bestie Betsy was in town as well! this was a much needed reunion.


and we enjoyed a girls night with the lovely bride-to-be, miss Ali. seriously, how did i get so lucky?!


meanwhile, jared...


we enjoyed a CO Rockies game with the family! they crushed the Giants, and i talked baseball to a perfect stranger. it was a good night.


Jared and i got to visit the Blue Moon Brewery, located right on Coors Field! such good beer, and such a wonderful sight to see.


our truck started to billow smoke somewhere outside of needles, ca. also known as the armpit of america.


to my right, there was nothing.


to my left, a sad jared. :(


just when i thought our moving truck was the largest thing i'd ever seen, i saw the even bigger production that was our moving truck + tow truck. "big blue" as it was affectionately called.


with only one major setback, we finally arrived to APU right at sunset. it was surreal to walk into trinity, and thousands of memories came flooding back.


what a sweet welcome into our new home, from sweet friends who we are lucky to get to do life with again.


so there you have it, people. we are very slowly setting up our new space, and we are already beginning to feel at home here. we've purchased some pretty sweet furniture pieces from craigslist, God bless it. once i figure out the feng shui, i'll be sure to post pictures.

i am humbled to be back here, and overjoyed to be able to fall into a blanket of amazing community. our friends have already taken such good care of us ; i am thrilled at what is to come. azusa is most definitely where we belong for this season; it's such a good feeling to know that.

i hope you all enjoy 'murica day tomorrow! <3