i've been fighting for time to write lately, which is the absolute worst feeling. but, life is busy and that's okay! however, i need to find some inspiration. i need a perspective change. i need a re-focus. i need to read stories of grace, hope, and love. i need to hear tales of how Jesus has changed lives because it reminds me how he has changed mine. i need to know i'm not the only one learning and re-learning the same lessons over and over. i need to know i'm not alone in my heart's passion.

i need to see how truth has shown up in your life. i need your stories.


i'm starting a guest post series entitled "What A Girl Needs To Hear."

my heart's desire is to shed light into the darkness and to expose truth. specifically, i long to encourage the hearts of women -- i desperately want women to know their worth.

how has your perspective been changed by truth when it comes to: women, men, dating, sex, love, relationships, faith? how does the beauty of the gospel fit into your life? what event, person, or period of time shaped this within you? if you could write a letter to a girl, what would it say? how would you inspire her to be bold with her life? to guard her heart? to encourage her that not all men are bad? to show her the way her Savior loves her?

what would you say, if you could?


are you interested in joining me over the coming weeks in speaking truth? i want to hear from men, women, girls, and boys. all are welcome, as i believe that we all are gifted with the ability to tell a story. please email me your 500 - 1,500 word submission to rachel[dot]mcgowan3[at]gmail[dot]com. along with your writing, please send me a short bio along with links to your website/blog/twitter/facebook/anything.


i am so looking forward to hearing your heart. <3