30 days of texas  


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this is one of those "uh, really?" kinds of things i'll miss, but it's funny how you kind of begin to like the odd parts of this job. i live in a building that's almost 50 years old. and it is quite obvious that 50 years ago, architects had no clue how loud 18 year olds would be. but here we are in 2013 and these people are loud. loud and unashamed, let me tell you. i have heard more than i ever wanted to; i guess the "hall director apartment" signs outside my door really don't phase them, because they talk about all their OMG-weekend-moments that could really get them in trouble. i always know when the parties are, and which students have the "goods" (if you will), and who is definitely not talking to whom anymore. i hear new versions of cuss words, and i almost want to thank them for keeping me in the loop. it's sort of weird that i enjoy listening to all of this drama, but i really do. it's like listening to a soap opera play out every day. i'll miss the charm of this old building, and how it's allowed me to remember to laugh at young independence as i go about my day.