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I don’t comment very often on matters of a political nature; I am self-aware enough to know I’m not smart enough to talk about all that. I’ve grown a lot. I’ve learned the difference between believing something because it is truly what I believe, or believing in something because someone else said it and it sounded cool. I’m still coming to grips with a lot of issues, and I’d be naïve to think that some of those ideas won’t change in my lifetime.

Every once in awhile, however, something pops up onto a TV screen or a social media page, and I cringe. And I usually take time to explore that cringe, because I do think that our instincts should be explored. And when someone in high power, who holds high influence, says something that makes a mockery of what I believe in with every ounce of my being, I have to explore it. I just can’t keep silent about something like that.

We can all agree that the tragedy at Sandy Hook left unspeakable volumes of grief and shock. (And before you get too mad at me, please know that this isn’t an argument about gun control; I don’t own one, I’ll never live in a home that does, and that’s that.) It was a tragedy unlike one I’ve yet to experience in my short 25 years, and like the rest of America I felt it was as close to home as anything else. There’s something about killing children that just, well....there aren’t words.

So many people immediately tried to politicize the event, which is pretty par for the course these days. But Mike Huckabee, a well-known politician made a statement regarding the shooting that made me cringe. He said America has spent years – decades, even – taking God out of our schools. So, consequentially, how can Americans expect God’s protection when we have so consistently asked him to stay away? In other words, shootings such as this one are a direct result of our dishonoring of God. In other words, had we kept prayer in our schools, the shooting wouldn’t have happened. In other words, God allowed the shooting because we asked Him to stay away.

Holy shit. I just can’t keep silent about something like that.

I clearly don’t know Mike Huckabee, and I would never be so bold as to comment on his personal life, his own morals, or any other issue he may stand for. But what he said made its rounds on the internet, and I’ve seen several people repost his words in triumphant agreement. A lot of people were deeply concerned by his comment, so of course he released a response – that’s what good politicians do. But his theology didn’t change; he still believes we have escorted God out of our lives, and that’s why evil exists.

And I just can’t keep silent about something like that.

If I read the same Bible, if I pray to the same God, if I know the same Jesus, then why does a statement like Huckabee’s make me cringe?

Because when King David gave into the temptation of his flesh, and slept with a woman who was not his wife, God still called him a man after His own heart.

Because when Saul beat and killed Jews, God changed his name, changed his story, and made him an Apostle.

Because I know a woman who used to sell her body for money, and now works to free hundreds of girls from the sex industry on a daily basis.

Because I know a man who was once a slave to alcohol and believed it to be better than anything God had to offer, who now cannot sleep without feeding the hungry people in his city.

Because I used to believe God was withholding His best from me, and I resented Him for it.

Because we all were found. In some type of rebellion, in some type of moment where we distanced ourselves from what was good, where we walked in disobedience because we wanted to live the life we had imagined, nothing else.

Because if you really believe in the God of the Bible, then you believe He sent Jesus to pay it all, which literally means all. That lamb was slain so that no other sacrifice ever needs to be made, so that no one ever has to suffer under wrath again.

Jesus had no stones to throw. That was all done with, now that He was there. No more chains, no more punishment.

Because that’s what freedom means. It means free.

Jesus paid it all. You either believe it or you don’t. But God doesn’t just walk out a door when someone asks Him too and then shrug His shoulders when we need Him. And I do not serve a God who smites His followers for their disobedience. I do not serve a God who only protects when He feels like it, or when He’s having a good day. Evil exists because it does – it isn’t supposed to make sense. It’s the most grappling concept in the world, and you can’t live long enough to figure it out.

How can you repost Huckabee’s words? Has God ever allowed someone to shoot you because you didn’t start your day with prayer?

None of us are righteous. And through Jesus, we are. It’s the most beautiful paradox you’ll ever know.

That’s the point of the gospel.

And I just can’t stay silent about something like that.