my life has been going at full speed for the last two months, and i haven't had much time to be on here. i also haven't had much time to go to the gym, but i'd still like to avoid that for a little while. so, what's new?? :)

1. i got married! it's still a crazy sentence to say out loud, and the words "husband" and "newlywed" still feel strange on my lips. but this is the best kind of strange, in my opinion.









it went by as fast as everyone said it would, and it was just as much fun as i could have ever hoped! i had an amazing week surrounded by all of my favorite people in the world, and it was such a humbling, refreshing, much-needed (but not at all deserved) time of pure blessing. we laughed, we cried (well, mainly Jared! ;) ), and we have stories to last us forever. i pray God was glorified, and i trust He'll bring honor to His name even through the moments when i failed to do my part.

2. naturally, Jared moved in! i was reminded of a scene from Friends in the weeks approaching my wedding. you know where Monica is moving in with Chandler and they've planned it for awhile, and suddenly she realizes..."I have to live with a BOY!?" yeah...kind of like that. we packed up his belongings, along with all our NEW belongings (!!), and somehow managed to fit everything into our apartment. it took an entire weekend but this place is finally starting to feel like home. and waking up with your best friend just makes so much sense, and fills me in the deepest way.

3. work is better than ever. while i was depressed that we actually had to leave our all-inclusive five-star resort, i was definitely missing my students hard core. i'm so richly blessed to be surrounded by such energetic, enthusiastic, and downright hilarious people all the time. college kids are truly the most exciting people to work with; always changing, always learning, and always teaching me how to live young. i can't imagine myself anywhere else for this season; part of me doesn't want it to ever end.

4. but my heart is beginning to feel ready to move on. i will celebrate two years here on november first. two years in this job, with these great people, in this awkward state. it's hard to believe how much has changed since i drove 700 miles in my nissan sentra with everything i owned and absolutely no plan in the world. i've thus far lived my life in semesters and sets of 6 months, so it's a wonder i've lasted this long here. but i can feel a longing in my spirit for something different, and soon. i want to work a city, advocating women's rights...or i want to work at starbucks and spend my free time writing a book...or i want to enroll in seminary to learn how to better love women in the name of Jesus. i want more, just like i always do. and now that i have a forever-partner-in-crime, we can't wait to start on our long list of adventures! so a transition may be in my near future. and while i do enjoy those deep orange Texas sunsets, i'm excited for some prettier landscape.

5. i would like to formally thank whoever invented the crockpot. i feel as though i've become an amazing cook overnight, all because i've learned the secret of combing frozen chicken + at least 6 things in my pantry in order to eat the best meal of my life. and they just. keep. getting. better. Jared and i are absolutely loving our home-cooked-meals-and-leftovers lifestyle. lime cilantro shredded chicken tacos? no problem. cuban style pulled pork sandwiches? i could do it with my eyes closed.


so, there you are. five new things about my life. i'm excited to settle into my new routine, and to regain control of my creative outlet. i am already learning so much and i can't wait to write it all out. because i tend to remember things i write out. :)

love to you all. xxo.