30 days of texas


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three is my favorite number, so this third day of texas is extra special. i can't write about this one for very long because i won't be able to see the computer screen through the buckets of tears i'll cry. the last two years i've been very fortunate to work with some of the most dynamic, life-giving, hilarious students on the planet -- i've learned a lot about who i am through their stories and passions and personalities. it's been an unspeakable joy to watch them grow, and i'm confident that through their leadership the world will be better. i will miss the way they burst into my office and plop on my couch with a "guess what Rachel!" kind of story. i'll miss the hard conversations about grades or boyfriends or troublesome home lives, and i'll miss the hugs that come once the tears stop. i'll miss hearing them argue about absolutely pointless things behind the front desk, and i'll miss the adorable way they pretend they're working as soon as i walk up. i'll miss distracted staff meetings and midnight texts, and all the ways they enrich my life. of all the things i'll miss, these sweet students are at the top of that list. i am so, so grateful.

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