30 days of texas  


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dangit, food again? oh well. okay so when i first moved here, i had no idea what tex-mex meant. isn't that funny? i just figured it was what texans called mexican food, because texans have to make everything texan. but upon my first few bites at el guapos, i knew there was something different about it. i came from the land of the best tacos, so i consider myself a mexican food connoisseur of sorts. this has made my experience with tex-mex very interesting, because i didn't hate it like i thought i would. i actually really love it! but the mystery has haunted me my entire time here. what is it that makes this mex so tex? what sets it apart from the hole-in-a-wall-is-this-legal mexican food i was so accustomed to? so my conclusion is this: tex-mex is mexican food with extra cheese and grease, aka extra goodness. and i am not complaining about it, obvi. cheese is my love language, and i will miss its extra presence in my life. so for the next three-ish weeks, i'm filling up. chuy's happy hour with a free nacho bar? see you there. fuzzy's enhiladas with extra rice? twist my arm.