30 days of texas~~~

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i know this is obvious, but i don't talk about it enough. i had never heard of UNT before i applied for this job; i had no idea that this hidden gem existed in the world. a lot of you know my story and how i truly have no clue how i ended up here except by God's grace and some good fortune. but this has been an amazing school to work for at the start of my professional career because of how much i've learned about college students, higher education, and myself. UNT is truly a school that cares about its students; every department shows that down to the detail. it's been so inspiring, especially because UNT is a massive institution (at least compared to the tiny community i came from!). on a smaller scale, i know i work within a department that cares about students like you'd never believe. it has sharpened the way i view my own theory on student development, and my supervisors have really shown me what true servant leadership is. they taught me how to go the extra step, how to say yes whenever possible, and how to show grace. it means so much to me that they took a chance on hiring a crazy girl from california after just a skype interview, and i hope i've given back enough to truly express my gratitude. i know i'll take a piece of UNT with me as i return to APU, and i feel so lucky to have been taught by such outstanding professionals. what a gift this school is.

i ran to the top of our parking garage tonight, right at dusk. the view allowed me to see all of UNT's campus, and to all the corners of denton and as i caught my breath (because, hello seven flights of stairs), i felt truly overwhelmed with both gratitude and sadness. as excited as i am for my next chapter, i'm really sad to leave this place. but i suppose i'm rather lucky to have such affections toward my job -- i wish that for all of you as well.

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