30 days of texas  


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we went to Rooster's last weekend with some friends and i was reminded just how lucky we are to have such amazing BBQ in this state. i mean like, slow-cooked-all-day-with-extra-sauce amazing BBQ. i'm not much of a red meat eater, but when i do -- please believe i indulge myself a bit. and old fashioned southern BBQ is a nice way to spoil yourself. i really like chopped brisket -- a meat cut i've always known as tri-tip, bee tee dubs -- because it's so tender and juicy on the inside, while being smokey and crispy on the outside. it's the kind of taste that sticks with you for awhile. i regret not learning how to cook good BBQ while living here, but i'm sure i can google some paula deen tutorials and we'll feel like we're right back here, eating some finger-licking worthy BBQ.

                    i mean just look at this goodness:

tender. juicy. smokey. perfect.