30 days of texas


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i love unique things that aren't a part of big corporate america, and denton is definitely full of them! there is so much history in this city and a fun way to discover it is to explore all the streets that are filled with little mom n pop stores. whenever we have people come visit denton, we always try to take them somewhere local -- what's hard is actually choosing because there are so many! obviously we have a lot of favorites, but i really do just love the overall feel of small businesses here. it's a pretty large city but it always feels smalltown-ish when you walk in and out of the one-of-a-kind shops. and you can tell people work hard to keep their businesses running; t feels so industrial and historic and...texan. haha. i feel like people have always worked this way in denton, and that the city was built on a bedrock of  people who love serving their local community through small businesses. i feel like i'm giving back when i shop locally, which makes me feel like a good american. :: salute :: clearly dentonians are faithful to their small business atmosphere, because people pitched a fit when the city put a subway sandwich shop on the square, in a historic building. watch the political drama unfold here.