ca if you haven't heard the big news...we're moving! the clouds have parted and the stars have aligned, and the good Lord has given us the opportunity to head west. california, the land i love, will be home once again beginning july 1st...and how sweet it will be! i can't wait for amazing weather, the beach, taco trucks, farmers markets, a dream job -- and mostly, the pillow of a community we get to fall into. new things excite me in the best ways, and i'm thrilled.

but of course the beginning of a new chapter means the end of the current one, and my heart is already sad with the impending goodbyes and farewells. it's weird to think i've only been here almost three much life has happened that it makes it feel like longer. and yet i still remember the pit in my stomach as i rang Tiffany's doorbell, with no clue what the people were like on the other side. i never thought i'd live in texas, and i don't think i'll ever live here again, but it's been an important couple of years for me; i owe this place a lot.


in an effort to allow myself to properly say goodbye to this season, i'm going to be vocal about what i'm grateful for here, and what i'll miss the most. thirty days left here, thirty things i am struggling to say goodbye to. (spoiler alert: you will not find "humidity" or "tornados" on this list.)



30 days of texas



Screen shot 2013-05-22 at 8.09.10 PM




i know, not the sexiest start. but if you know me, this is not shocking. i'm not an alcoholic or a frat boy, but i love me some happy hour prices on an ice cold beer -- and texas (denton, specifically) has treated me quite well in this area. we're talking pay-with-a-five-and-get-change-back kind of good. some of my favorites from the area come from: abbey inn (ice cold. like, literal ice chips in my drink.), fuzzy's tacos (huge schooners, small prices.), and oak street draft house (shiner ruby red on draft. get itttt.). i will miss having this luxury and i plan on properly saying goodbye over the next month. just kidding. kind of.