30 days of texas  


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i know, i know. but i'm dead serious. my entire life i've lived in places where i have to constantly do math to know what time tv shows are on. (and we all know how awesome i am at math.) i can't tell you how often i've turned on an awards show an hour into it, simply because i forgot the time difference. and yes this may sound a bit like a "user error" kind of problem, but i just like when life makes things easier for me. SO SUE ME. there's just something so official about it! central. standard. time. like, i'm all up in this importantness. i'm central, everyone. i feel like i could win arguments with it; oh really? well i'm central standard. so go kick rocks.

i also have family and several friends all over the country, and we use skype to glue us together -- being in central time zone has made this easier for me. and i really do love seeing something advertised to be on tv at "8/7 central." i'm like, oh yeah, that's me. be jealous, everyone else.