23 things i know now.  

1. God makes all things new.

2. you have monthly chances to get good at paying bills. but if you don't get good at it, they do not take apology letters.

3. only go to weddings with dancing.

4. do not be reckless with anyones heart; don't put up with anyone who is reckless with yours.

5. wine is goooood. and grown-up.

6. slurpies know no age.

7. journaling is as refreshing now as it will be in 10 years to read this stuff. archive religiously.

8. student loans are real. and they are a vicious, hostile breed. and they never. go. away.

9. it is always worth it to say something.

10. mascara goes a long way, and showering regularly goes an even longer way.

11. double, triple, quadruple check every "to:" box on every email, text message, whatever. the only thing worse than not saying what you feel, is saying what you feel unintentionally.

12. forgive. and let yourself off the hook, too.

13. blogging. so cool, so overwhelming. for both reader and writer.

14. spend some time in silence.

15. i CAN kill a bug in my kitchen.

16. regular check-ups with the good ole' doc are incredibly empowering. to know that you and your body are doing just fine is the absolute best feeling.

17. skype. heaven on earth.

18. i have never seen my permanent record. i think they were just bull shitting us.

19. avoid bank statements. accept the anxiety that comes with.

20. whatever it is, it's probably on the internet. google is a true best friend.

21. ...but, never webMD anything, ever. and never, under any circumstance, look up "long term affects of diet coke." just keep on drinking.

22. love, forgiveness, humility, and consistency always win.

23. find a song for every mood. sing it loudly.