i spend my professional time at a non-profit called Step Up for Girls in Los Angeles, CA as an instructor for an after-school program for high school girls in some of LA's traditionally underrepresented communities. we help the teenagers with their social development by empowering them to become confident young women who are ready for college + career. basically, every day i get to hang out with some pretty bad-ass young women, talk about life, and call it work. if you want to be a mentor, member, or volunteer, please contact me!

i am equal parts right-brained and left-brained; i work best in an environment where i can be both creative and strategic.

i have my master's in leadership + organizational studies but when it comes to being a leader, i want to control less and influence more.
i want to lead people who want to help others. i want to be around people who are encouraging, hard working, creative, and selfless.

i want to work hard to make changes that will make life better for the next generation.
i want to walk alongside students as they become big kids in a big world.
i want to empower young women to chase leadership positions and to speak up.