i make things better. 

i like to say that I am equally right-brained / left-brained - i thrive in environments where I can be both creative and strategic.
i love to vision-cast and dream big and take risks in order to make an impact. i love people and stories and building trust amongst teams. 

but i also love systems and spreadsheets and organizing all the details. i am often looked to as someone who comes into situations, teams, projects, or events and makes them work more efficiently. i can create systems that offer opportunities to scale and grow,
and i keep the process pretty enjoyable as an added bonus.

all of this to say - I make things better.


i have my master's in leadership + organizational studies but when it comes to being a leader, i want to control less and influence more.
i want to lead people who want to help others. i want to be around people who are encouraging, hard working, creative, and selfless.

i want to work hard to make changes that will make life better for the next generation.
i want to walk alongside students as they become big kids in a big world.
i want to empower young women to speak up and have agency over their opinions, bodies, and stories.